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So, as you’ve probably heard, RenQ (owner and musician of lapfox) is scum. The details of which are here [SEXUAL ASSAULT WARNING]. The read-more link is the callout, and the reblogged commentary is my own.

I’ve been asked to suggest alternative artists by several people, I’ve been taking suggestions (and still am) and have compiled the list below the cut. Right now we have 60+ artists with links to each of their personal websites/bandcamps.

I cannot list content warnings for _all_ of these websties, so please take caution.

If you have suggestions, or know that an artist listed here is actually problematic (rape apologist, trans/homo-phobic, etc) and should be removed please let me know by tweeting me at @softvoid.

Also, if you take a screenshot of you deleting your lapfox music or destroying physical merchandise, tweet me the pic and i’ll retweet it.

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Artist: Masakazu Sugimori
Track: Jowd ~A Captive of Fate
Album: Ghost Trick - Phantom Detective

Artist: Minimatic
Track: No Swinggity
Album: The Mini Swing Set EP

Artist: Daft Punk
Track: End of Line (Tame Impala Remix)
Album: Tron: Legacy R3CONFIGUR3D

Track: Cruel Angel's Thesis (8-bit)

Artist: BECCA
Track: I'm Alive!
Album: Alive!!

Artist: Deadmau5 Ft Gerard Way
Track: Professional Griefers (Vocal Version)
Album: Proffesional Griefers

Artist: Deadmau5 Featuring Neon Hitch
Track: I Can't Behave Myself
Album: ?

Artist: Tiesto & Steve Aoki ft. Polina
Track: Tornado (Kill The Noise Remix)